The Pan Mill is a Multi-Purpose cutting and milling machine, is strongly built, friendly and safe and has a low dust output!

Who are we?

Our Story
The Pan Mill was invented by South African, Brian McGrath.  
The idea of the Pan Mill was born from a need for simplified farming. Having to mill food for his animals became a demanding task when faced with the equipment available at the time, so Mac (as he is known) decided to use his inventive nature and put together something simpler and more cost effective.  
The idea was there and by applying 2 years of experimenting with different designs, blades, and screens, he was finally able to produce this perfected machine.  
The Plan Mill was designed for production efficiency and to operate with minimum manpower. It is ideal to cut up just the right amount of feed for your animals.  
The Pan Mill 3000 was our first machine and has seen the most improvements from all the Pan Mills. It has changed shape and changed motors. It has even changed colour from blue and yellow to just yellow. This colour change was so that the Pan Mill does not show up dust as easily as the blue model did. Recently even the name has changed from PlaasJapie to Pan Mill 3000 and from Landman to Pan Mill 4000. After many enquiries for a bigger machine, the three phase model was enlarged and is now the Pan Mill 5000.  
The Pan Mill has now been patented in several countries around the globe.

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